Needles and Realism – Artificial Christmas Trees

Needles and Realism – Artificial Christmas Trees

When researching artificial Christmas trees, you will often see the needle type listed in the description. The most common seen are – PVC needles and PE needles. Below is an overview of each type of needle. Our trees have a mix of PE and PVC to provide a realistic tree at an affordable price.

PVC Needles

PVC (poly vinyl chloride) needles were once the standard for artificial Christmas trees. PVC is cut into thin, rectangular shapes and then wrapped around a wire tree branch. They are easy to shape and long lasting. However, they lack the realistic appearance of their expensive PE counterparts.

PE Needles

PE (Polyethelene) needles have injection molded tips. Each needle is molded separately, providing the most realistic feel and appearance in artificial Christmas trees. PE needles are even more durable than PVC needles, but they come at a premium cost. However, our trees are a mix of premium PE and PVC needles to provide a beautiful and durable tree at an affordable price.

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